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Vinylmation Value Guide
08-05-2012, 10:49 AM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2012 03:31 PM by MirandaWright's.)
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Vinylmation Value Guide
Vinylmation Value Guide-

By OC VinylDon, Ernesto Campos and Art Rubio

Remember that 3" vinyls retail from 9.95 to 12.95, regardless of whether it is chaser, a variant or a common.

Open window collections, Tins, etc may hit the 16.95 price point. Sets (ie Disney Afternoon Series) vary 24.95 to 26.95. The 9" vinyls range from 39.99 to 79.99.

These are sticker prices and do not take into account Annual Pass or Employee discounts. Which vary from 10% to 35%, depending on type of annual pass and for Cast Members, your their length of service to the company.

That said you want to keep these points in mind when trading vinyls.

1) If you are not sure what the value of the vinyl you are trading or trading for may be, use Ebay as a reference. Ebay is the universal equalizer of value. You want to research the vinyl(s) in question using the COMPLETED LISTINGS option in the advanced search mode. Listings shown in green have sold. Those in red did not. You can take the last 3-4 succesful sales and then calculate the average value of that vinyl. This is the best way to determine a MONETARY value that can be agreed upon by the newest to the most veteran collectors/traders.

2) Each trader will need to factor in the "emotional" value of the vinyls you and whomever you are negotiating a trade with have on the vinyls you are trying to obtain. Essentially, how bad do you want that trade to happen? Each person will have to determine this on their own. For example you have the Waldo Chaser. Someone has offered you the Balloon Chaser in trade for it. From a monetary perspective this trade is off balanced. However, if the person offering the Balloon Chaser wants the Waldo Chaser more, for whatever reason, and both parties agree, then this is a good trade.

3) Popularity: One way to see how popular a vinyl is by looking at our series list. Example: Look at Phil on our Series List and you'll see that only 7 people WANT him and an astounding 68 people are trying to TRADE him. Now check out Ghost Obi Wan and you'll see that 133 people WANT him but only 2 people are TRADING him. This gives you an idea of how popular a vinyl is based on how many people want him vs how many people are willing to part with him. Therefore, it would be way harder to trade for a Ghost Obi Wan than it would be if you were looking for Phil.

4) Feedback. Always read the feedback. Many of us trade via mail with people we have never met. Checking feedback is a primary way to determine if a trader is trustworthy or not. It's crucial that when a trade is completed, in person or by mail, appropriate feedback is left so that other traders will know who is or is not an honest trader. Another great resource ae fellow board members. We're a small but growing community. Someone you know personally may have traded with the person you are in discussion with. Nothing is better than a first hand opinion of another trader. This whole concept is built on reputation. Feedback is what builds that. Read it. Leave it. Use it.

5) It is not always about the EBAY value. If both traders feel a trade is fair and both come out of it happy, then its a good trade.

6) Never forget, these are just little dolls made out of vinyl. Have fun. Make Friends. That's what this should be about.

Hope this helps.
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08-08-2012, 03:18 PM
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RE: Vinylmation Value Guide
Thanks for this. I only have a few Vinylmations. This is good information.
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08-20-2012, 11:20 PM
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RE: Vinylmation Value Guide
thanks for the info Smile
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